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So what did I miss?

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Captn Morgrim

Joined: 05 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 12:21 pm
Post subject: So what did I miss?
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Ahoy, there!

Been a while since this olde pirate 'as been to this shore 'ere, so I was wonderin' what 'as been goin' on the last 1 year an' a half. Methinks I disappeared around Sommer/Autumn 08 when me reale worlde self started gettin' bogged down with real life stuff such as ye olde dull job, an' of course, me runnin' havoc with Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition which turned out to me liking... not only the game balance is rather balanced, also those Wizards of the Coast provide more customer service in a month than ye olde Evil Empire does in a bleedin' year.

So, all in all, I been out o' touch with armies of arcana fer a while, but I might consider spreading the word t' those disenchanted with the evile empire around me shores.

I read a bit on the forums and there's a few things I notic'd an' may I ask ye fine folks t' enlighten this olde pirate 'ere?

- TW 'as failed t' deliver AoA t' a bigger crowd o' gamers. So what about that 5th edition?

- Things are still rather cold with the olde forum and Raj in particular.

- That CCF 'as fallen out o' favour..

- Ye lot got some fine ideas regardin' game balance, see that Missile Immunity rules change. Methinks that be a splendid idea.

Feel free t' enlighten me, me lads and lasses,

And a happy new year t' the whole lot o' ye!


Captn M.

Captn Morgrim, Dwarf Pirate
(Self-appointed) "Commodore" of a Fleet of Villains of all Nations

"Better t' fight windmills than become a miller!
For thar be always the option of using cannon..."
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Joined: 04 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:35 pm
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Hark, yaaar me hearty-hearty!

Many things happen here, largest of which is the campaign, forg'd by that man-thing the flayed one!

The CCF is still very much Obscader's friend-friend! Can not we remember those other nasty games with no CCF! Gaaah!

How does power corrupt our hearts so surely?
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Master Pie Eater Extraodinaire

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2010 4:59 pm
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Happy New Year Cap'n, all the best to ye and yours.

2009 was a year that saw personal aspects play a role too big to see much gaming of any kind in the mix of things.
I have no desire to mix with Raj so that has not changed, nor will it change, his dictatorial moderating style has never sat very well with me, good luck to him but I won't be hanging about over there.

In terms of the rules changes from the old edition (Thane) to the current one, some good effort was made by many parties.
I think some ground was well covered, other ground remains unaddressed and some stuff still desperately needs work (bloody chariots Rolling Eyes Razz ).
All in all, an improvement for the most part, and thats a good thing.

Personal taste regarding the rulebook is that visually, it is a definite improvement to look at over the old edition, but that was 'never' going to be difficult and Thane was the first to make that point.
The photo's etc. are a big improvement over the previous book (which had none) and the colour etc, is a welcome improvement.

I do have some issues with the layout though and these were comprehensively addressed by Elvenblade at the time.
It could have been more logically assessed and a better layout could have been achieved 'if' some, not a lot, more time and care had been taken in this area.

A personal bugbear was the discarding of certain Army lists from the heavily playtested earlier edition, and the inclusion of a new one, that was seriously undercooked, for strictly commercially based purposes, which I still think is a glaring error and one that could have been overcome with some more time, care and genuine effort at communication.
In the context of the book not a big issue but in terms of advancing the great variation in army choices to potential new consumers a definite blunder, and sadly one that was completely avoidable with a little more care and a little less rushing things through.

It meant that when the new edition came to be launched it burst forth with a fizzle instead of a fanfare.
The breach in relations between the existing playing base (essentially the vibrant one in London [via Hastings and Southend] ) where this forum managed to produce an AoA tourney in Richmond with 18 players covering a wide variety of armies) and the few chaps managing the development of the new edition rulebook up in Royston meant that instead of having awesome display games wherever the new rulebook was being sold, with awesome terrain and beautifully painted miniatures... there was shabby display games that looked unprofessional and it definitely hindered the potential sales of the new edition.
That was a shame.

However, it (the AoA rule system) is still slowly drifting down stream on the current and some life will be breathed into it at 'Salute 2010' where TW will once again be doing something with their trade stand, and we will be showing something different at a table graced by the members of this forum with beautiful models and awesome terrain.
The game system will be recieving twice the promotion from two separate areas and I feel confident that the game we are organising will show the versatility of the AoA system for gamers in the fantasy genre in the 28mm scale.
The planned LotR 'alternative battle, using all manner of figures and terrain from different manufacturers, sculptors and scratch building will allow passers by to see the variation and versatility that still exists in the rule set, and more importantly, the fun that can be had within the framework of that ruleset, and that has to be a good thing for the older enthusiasts who are bored with the tired old engine that still runs the warhammer GW system. Wink Cool

In this New Year, 2010, I predict a slow steady build up and return to a higher number and level of games being played in AoA across the board (pun intended).

mawdslio wrote:
The Creature Creation Formula is the thing I dont like most about the system. I have never seen anyone think I need another unit of chaff on the table, lets point them up, the CCF tends to create all kind of supermonsters.
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Joined: 10 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 11, 2010 8:16 pm
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Yar-har Cap'n!

I'm also getting back into wargaming in general after taking a massive break involving a lot of roleplaying, which I've managed to restrict to one night a week, it having been 4 nights of 4 different games at one point... Laughing

I still haven't gotten the new AoA book though.... Razz
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Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:38 am
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Really hope AoA gets its "second wind", because this is the engine I prefer in my massed battles games, but since Thane is no longer participating in any related forum, any development will not have his "approval seal".

As for further development...

Undoubtedly, there are several people here whose insight and knowledege of the game allow them to thinker the system, but the thruth is, I see less and less movement in both forums (especially at Raj's, but that don't surprise me, as he mistraet people a lot), and so the rules don't fell "supported" for any newcomer.

I for myself, still get the ocassional AoA game, but actually, I'm planning to start a skirmish pulp campaing, like Indiana Jones scenarios or something like that.

Besides, as my eyesight seems to be worst each day, painting a dozen miniatures for a game seems betters than painting a hundred.

Best wishes.

One sword keeps one enemy away.
Fame of knowing how to use it keeps one hundred enemies away.
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the flayed one
Master Artisan

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 06, 2010 6:44 pm
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can't help but feel that , for all the good work many people put in, a.o.a was a terrible wasted opportunity.
have you noticed how G.w are often presenting their games on the scale of a.o.a now ?
we know that the mechanics of their games are not well suited to big games, yet, they are picking up on peoples want to put a tonne of models on the table al la a.o.a
mags' eyesight permitting Wink

laugh in the face of fear , tweak the nose of terror
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